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The Halo G6

Cara Delevingne

The Halo G6 has the same type of battery called the KR-808. It’s the type of battery used by V2 Cigs, and it’s demanded because it’s extremely easy to use and many smokers consider it one of the best available mixtures of battery life, quantity of vapor per inhalation and small size.

You can be one of those smokers; these cigarettes are always recommended for newcomers.

As you might imagine from the price difference, the Halo G6 is a bit less extravagantly packaged than the V2 Cigs starter kit. Instead of a large box, the Halo G6 kit is wrapped in a small metal tin with a molded divider keeping the components secure. You also get less accessories; the Halo G6 kit includes less pre-filled cartridges and doesn’t consist of the nice carrying and charging cases of the V2 Ultimate Kit.

What you actually do get, nevertheless, are two batteries, battery chargers for a wall outlet and USB port, five pre-filled cartridges and two empty cartridges you can fill yourself at home. You also have the rather unique advantage of possessing an e-cigarette marketed by a company that produces its own e-cigarette liquids.

The e-smoking community almost globally considers Halo one of the top two or three possible e-liquid producers, and in fact it is so. While almost all e-cigarette companies employ laboratories in China to create their e-liquids, Halo produces its own locally in the United States. The differences in flavor manifestations, vapor generation and throat hit are quite obvious.