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eGo-W E-Cigarette

eGo-W E-Cigarette

As an experienced e-smoker you are definitely reading many e-cigarettes reviews all the time. And of course you may ask yourself if the eGo e-cigarette is essentially like a popular car engine such as the V-12 — something that many manufacturers create their own styles of and build special designs around.

We suppose that it would really interesting for some people to find out how there can be so many different e-cigarettes that are all called “eGo.” It might sound ridiculous but everything that concerns e-cigarette industry has to do with Chinese intellectual property laws.

And that fact contribuets little to punishing people who steal ideas. According to the Economist, the damage awarded for intellectual property violation can make up a big sum per case, which is often less than the cost of bringing the complaint to trial.

As a result, companies steal from each other — sometimes even shamelessly claiming that they were the ones stolen from! The eGo-W e-cigarette is one of the latest varieties of the eGo design, using a new type of cartomizer that’s not difficult to fill and stores a good amount of e-liquid. Is it worth your time and money? Try this new generation of e-cigarettes with new technology and innovative approach.