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About the VaporFi Rocket

About the VaporFi Rocket

Unpacking the VaporFi Rocket kit, you’ll see the VaporFi Rocket itself, an e-liquid tank with an atomizer coil pre-installed, five replacement atomizer coils and USB and wall chargers.

At the first moment, the fact that VaporFi includes five replacement coils with the Rocket kit makes a really positive impression; since every coil can last around 2-4 weeks, you’ll be using the rocket for months before you’ll need to start thinking about getting some replacement coils.

When you do need to replace them, the coils cost not much per five-pack. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to replace the one included with the kit unless you want to taste more than one flavor available of e-liquid ready to use at all times.

The construction of the VaporFi Rocket tank is incredible. If you’ve seen the e-liquid tanks included with most e-cigarettes of this type, it’ll be immediately evident to you why the VaporFi Rocket costs a little more than some similar e-cigarettes. Most e-liquid tanks are constructed from plastic and a light metal such as thin steel or aluminum. It is certainly, clearomizers and e-liquid tanks that are made of plastic taste like plastic.

All-glass tanks have their own peculiar feature, though, in that they’re so easy to break. The VaporFi Rocket tank is an effective alternative to this problem. Although the wall of the tank is glass, it’s surrounded by a stainless steel shell. If you drop it, it won’t break. It is proved.