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NJOY Kings

NJOY Kings short introduction

The first thing you’ll definitely observe if you experiment with the NJOY King is that it isn’t much heavier than a classic cigarette; gives a good impression for something made from plastic and including a battery cell.

The outer shell of the e-cigarette is a thin plastic. It doesn’t give the same feeling as a real cigarette, but it’s probably closer than any e-cigarette you’ve tried before. It should provide you about the same amount of usage as a pack of cigarettes — perhaps a little lesser amount than that, due to the small amount of nicotine liquid contained inside — and the flip-top plastic case contributes to a great storage solution on the run.

The NJOY King tastes less like real tobacco than some of the popular American-made e-liquids that vendors are currently working on. It also generates fewer vapors than some other e-cigarettes, although that’s actually to be expected because of the small size. You could have had the NJOY King in your purse and experienced no cravings thanks to its high nicotine concentration.

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