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ProVari P3 Performance

ProVari P3 Performance

The ProVari P3 supports both variable-voltage and variable-wattage operation, with a supported power range from 2.9-6.0 volts or 3-20 watts. It also has a battery meter, which is something new and innovative among e-cigarettes.

It also exerts a few special features such as a color-changing fire button and battery input quality tester. It is enough to say that the ProVari P3 includes more than benefits that completely correspond to the price. Smokers report that it is most likely the safest personal vaporizer in the industry.

One feature of the ProVari P3 that should be emphasized is a vapor boosting function that ProVape has called “HotShot.” This feature permits the ProVari P3 to temporarily work at a slightly higher power level than the one you select. After you’ve held the fire button for a while, the ProVari P3 automatically lowers the power level to the selected voltage or wattage.

If you want to hold your vaporizer’s fire button and take a few small puffs while waiting for the coil to warm up, HotShot may eliminate the need to do that. HotShot has five modes, permitting the ProVari P3 to automatically increase its vapor generation for between 0.25 and 1.25 seconds before getting to its normal power level.

The ProVari P3 features the same stellar vapor generation as the previous ProVari versions. In fact, for those who like to vape at higher wattages, the ProVari P3 performs more efficient power output than ever before. It automatically tests the quality of the power input, rating it on a level of 0-100. A level of 60 or lower shows an issue with the battery or the connection between it and the terminals of the ProVari P3. In this case, operation is logically limited to 15 watts or below.