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Smokeless Delite Review


Smokeless Delite’s e-cigarette kits range in price from affordable Premo Pleasure Kit to the expensive Elation Starter Kit. The Pleasure Kit consists of a battery, atomizer and wall charger together with ten refill cartridges, while the Elation Kit offers two batteries, two atomizers, more charging accessories, 15 cartridges and a carrying case.

You can buy refill cartridges anytime it is suitable for you, but Smokeless Delite also offers a great option for this problem -an auto-ship program that sends cartridges automatically every month at a discount. The flavors are Tobacco, Menthol, Energy Drink, Pineapple and Strawberry.

Many smokers prefer the Tobacco and Pineapple flavors. One fully charged Smokeless Delite battery will deliver a good e-smoking process for about an hour of non-stop use. If you spread it out so each e-smoking session is about as long as smoking a real cigarette would be, then one charged battery is about the same as a half pack of cigarettes.

One of the standard push-on cartridges should work through two battery charges, while the atomized “USA” cartridges will function slightly longer. The advantage of using a small e-cigarette like the Smokeless Delite Premo is the fact that, as a smoker, you’ll feel absolutely safe and confident with it. It’s the same size as a cigarette and functions in the same way — just inhale to produce vapor.

The disadvantage is that you can get much better battery life from a larger battery such as the V2 Cigs battery. If you smoke more than half a pack of cigarettes a day, we strongly recommend selecting a Smokeless Delite starter kit that has inside two batteries. Two fully charged batteries will identical to up to a pack of cigarettes and will help you avoid downtime while you want charge.