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Volcano supplier

Volcano supplier

It is not a surprise that some of the best e-liquid suppliers are based in the states with the highest tobacco taxes. Near the top of the tobacco taxation list is Hawaii, where Volcano is headquartered and can call it its home.

Despite the fact that e-cigarette starter kits are Volcano’s key business, they have also cooperated with a lab in the United States to create some excellent USA-made e-liquids. Not only this company receives analysis from its own suppliers, but all of e-liquids are tested by an independent, accredited third-party checking facility to ensure quality and freshness. As a result, e-liquids are made with the highest quality components that are sourced and made right here in the USA.

If you try nothing else from Volcano, you must opt for a bottle of Menthol Burst; you’ll wonder how any other company could apply the “menthol” moniker to its e-liquids in good conscience. If you like to add sweet notes to your vaping, Volcano also has a wide selection of e-liquids based on popular tropical fruits such as lychee, coconut and kiwi. Volcano offers 32 flavors in all at the time of writing.

This supplier demonstrates that electronic cigarettes are making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless people every day.