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Halo Midnight Apple

Halo Midnight Apple

Many pipe smokers might be reading this, and more than a few people have fallen in love with pipe blends including tobacco and fruit. Midnight Apple is Halo’s strategy to introduce this experience with an e-liquid consisting of a smooth tobacco flavor and a hint of green apple.

This one tastes perfectly that smokers really think it might attract even people who have never smoked pipe tobacco. The green apple flavor is a bit candy-like and not wholly natural tasting, but mixed with the tobacco flavor it provides a special sensation without a lot of sweetness.

That is why we can say that Midnight Apple E-liquid offers a peculiar blend of rich tobacco layered with spiced ‘Granny Smith’ apple top notes. The subtle apple flavor complements the underlying tobacco e-liquid base for the ideal combination of dry sweetness.

Choosing this type of flavor, you get something completely new and unusual. It indicates new sensations and perception of the world, even the new way of electronic smoking. Electronic cigarette with this flavor will guarantee an unforgettable journey to the world of satisfaction and relaxation. Try it forever and for always! Perhaps, this is your vital preference!