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What kind of nicotine is used in E-cigarettes juices

What kind of nicotine is used in E-cigarettes juices

Mainly all of negative conversations about e-cigarettes are not refereed on the cigarette device itself, this is just a piece of iron, but to liquids and side effects to which their evaporation can lead. A man is always waiting for a miracle and if he sacrificed with something, expects something greater.

If you smoke usual cigarettes more than three years and more than one pack of cigarettes a day, you shouldn’t expect that five minutes after giving up tobacco cigarettes your body magically will become cleaned from resins and harmful substances.

Almost all side effects attributed to electronic cigarettes are almost always fully present in first days of use and after one to three weeks pass. Unexpected acne, nausea, listlessness, headache, cough, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, etc. all this symptoms is a reaction to the purification of accumulated toxins and elimination of tobacco. All this symptoms will pass, ranging from one week to a month, depending on how many years the smoker smoked tobacco cigarettes. There is only one side effect that occurs in almost in all e cigarette users, it is directly related to the electronic cigarette: dryness in a mouth.

Propylene glycol contained in any e-liquid, of any manufacturer, is a humectant. Inhaled vapor promotes the evaporation of water from the mucosa of the throat. A glass of water or candy relieve it fast. The main argument against electronic cigarette is the suspicious e-liquid composition and the presence of nicotine in it, all depends on manufacturer.

Let’s start with nicotine. It comes natural, medical and chemical. Pure nicotine is contained not only in tobacco, but also in the tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers. It is a very strong neuro and cardio toxin, a drop of which can kill a horse. While smoking, nicotine almost all is burned and only a small part enters in the smoker’s body, however, it is sufficient to start the insalubrious processes In human body. Pure nicotine isn’t used in liquids for e-cigarettes. Medicinal nicotine – purified, transformed natural nicotine. Used in nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gums, pills, widely recommended for those who want to quit smoking. Chemical nicotine – synthetically extracted from chemical compounds, cheaper than medicinal nicotine. Different manufacturers use different nicotine. It is necessary to choose a E-liquid in which contains medical nicotine. Concentration of nicotine can be different – from 3 to 36 mg/ml.