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The perfect combination of e-liquid ingredients of Vape Wild

Dear vapers, today nobody is will be surprised with self-mixes, and vape flavors, every vaper has once tried to do e-liquid flavors on his own, well, we in our turn want to tell you about a cheap option with a wide range of top vape flavors. If you remember Mt. Baker Vapor did, and continue to make one of the cheapest liquids with excellent quality. So Vape Wild decided to take example from them and follow the same course.

As new powerful devices appear in the market and they are becoming more and more demanded, and e-liquid brands are bought more and more. Someone has heard about the name of the company, some do not, but they are really those guys who can be trusted and who have gradually begun to be famous not only in their own country, but also far beyond its borders.

What does the manufacturer offer us? Levels of content of e-liquid nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin have nothing to do with the price. There are available variants with a content of 50 to 50, 65 to 35 and 80 to 20 propylene glycol to glycerin, with a nicotine concentration of 1.5, 3, 6 and 12 mg.

Well, we’ll tell you about the most famous ones of these best e-juice brands.

Cold Toast

It is the taste of fresh toast, a real French taste. The perfect combination of e-liquid ingredients is diluted with a sweet aftertaste, as if you were served a fresh slice of white bread for breakfast with a delicate butter and sugar syrup

Another One Bites The Crust

The mastery of dessert pancakes was always appreciated in many countries. If you cannot resist the fresh smell of freshly squeezed pancakes, apples and cinnamon, then no doubt you need to try Another One Bites The Crust.

Cinnamon Roll

Again thinking about the theme of sweets, but this time it is for all the fans of buns. The main thing is not to forget about cinnamon, there is plenty of it in this liquid, and if you do not get along with this ingredient, then you better leave Cinnamon Roll aside.
The Splurge

Probably, the manufacturer simply has an incredible dependence on cinnamon, as in this case it was not without this component. The real taste of pudding with cinnamon and spices reveals all the delights of the sweet tooth. The main highlight of this liquid is the real taste of brandy, which gives it a unique flavor.

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