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Juul competitors UK-popular systems

Juul competitors UKThe innovative Juul competitors UK systems include the Vapor Mi-Pod, a set made up of a battery in the format of a box and inserted into a capacious cartridge. It is a pod system in miniature format. Smoking Vapor is well-known in the UK. They started in 2008. They mainly produce devices for drinking liquids on salt nicotine. In the UK, the demand for them is quite high.
Mi-Pod is aimed at novice users trying to quit smoking classic cigarettes. If you want to get a well-assembled, well-made device for nicotine saturation, you should pay attention to this set from Smoking Vapor. Watch our Juul competitors UK offers for the pricing.

Key features are small box, with a powerful battery; capacious cartridge, with gas station from below and the possibility of changing tightness of tightening; Support for use during charging.
Nautilus AIO – Aspire Beginner’s vapor Saver Kit is our other Juul competitors UK offer. The combination of AIO is decrypted as all in one, which is true: the kit includes both a battery pack and an atomizer. Only in pod format systems with replaceable evaporators, which can be used both for liquids with ordinary nicotine and for liquids with saline nicotine.
The features of Nautilus AIO:

The battery pack has a parallelepiped shape with a notch for inserting a cartridge at the top. The edges are rounded. The case can be painted in blue, green, black, silver, red or purple. On the front side, at the top, is a square power button. On the edge on the left is a port for connecting a charger that can charge the battery with a current of up to 1 Ampere. The right side is equipped with a cartridge release button. The contact group is located at the top of the battery case. At the bottom of the ventilation holes are cut for cooling.
The cartridge is made of dark translucent polycarbonate. Its upper part is a drip type of a flat shape, tapering upward. The liquid filling hole is located at the bottom of the cartridge. Closed by silicone plug.