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Juul alternative vape devices

MLV: PHIX POD System as one of Juul alternative vape devices.

A new device on a cigarette puff for those who want to say goodbye to tobacco! Cartridges for it have a 5% nicotine level (50 mg), which means that only a couple or three puffs will be enough for saturation. Phix has a 320mah battery, which with moderate vaping lasts, on average, for a whole day. The compactness of this device allows you to always carry it with you even in your pocket.

Smoant: S8 POD System as one of Juul alternative vape devices

Smoant S8 is an all-in-one format device with a refillable cartridge system; it has no buttons and responds to a puff. The volume of the cartridge is 2ml, the battery capacity is 370mah. Compact, with an excellent design and a convenient form factor, this device is endowed with a large number of various protections, so you can not be afraid of accidental operations.

Joyetech: Pod Exceed Edge Kit as one of Juul alternative vape devices.

Device from Joyetech. The design resembles a sports car or a spaceship of the future! Dimensions are slightly larger than usual among similar devices, but the form factor itself is as convenient as possible. The built-in battery has a capacity of as much as 650 mah, and the volume of the cartridge is 2 ml. The evaporators in the cartridge are replaceable, with a resistance of 1.2 Ohms. And most importantly – the device does not respond to a puff, but has a Fire button on the case.

Aspire: Breeze 2 AIO Kit POD as one of Juul alternative vape devices.

All In One device from Aspire. This is the second version of this device and it has as much as 1000 mah of battery capacity! The Fire button is located on the front panel, and on the side panel there is a second button, which is responsible for disconnecting the cartridge from the device. The manufacturer recommends using the second option with nicotine saline fluids. And the coolest thing is that the device has a lid that protects it from any debris from its pockets on the cartridge.