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E-Cigarette Tips – Buy USA-Made


When e-cigs are made overseas, a great deal of quality control can be lost, and the integrity of the e-cigs can be greatly compromised. That is why try to switch to the original, homemade products, and namely e-cigs.

The local producers are strongly committed to their customers, and could not allow an imported product to be produced outside of our reach.

USA-made electronic cigarettes or also called “mods” are produced differently from the original Chinese e-cigarettes; in a Chinese e-cigarette, the body of the e-cigarette is also the battery. In a mod, the body is a hollow box or tube and the battery can be removed.

These larger e-cigarettes consist of high-capacity lithium polymer and lithium manganese battery cells made by companies such as AW, Sanyo and Sony, delivering power longer and for more reliable period of time.

Products like the ProVari also include boosters that allow you to modify their voltage settings.