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Our IQOS store lets you buy IQOS from Canada web locals and brings “smokeless future” to Canada.

Nobody could have missed it. Philip Morris introduced IQOS in Canada and gave a chance to buy IQOS from Canada web locals. All media have been talking about the “future of the tobacco industry” developed by the manufacturer in recent weeks.

Our shop employees have all had extensive three-month training. The use of IQOS requires a detailed explanation. That is why tobacco and convenience stores that sell IQOS from Canada web locals receive training to properly explain how the device works and how to maintain it. We give smokers a chance to try IQOS after we have explained them in detail how it works. If the adult smoker decides to buy it, we advise them to completely stop smoking for at least seven days and only use IQOS. After that period, most adult smokers are out and they stop smoking regular cigarettes. In total, seven out of ten adult smokers continue to use IQOS. This is the result obtained by our customer service.

The latest Marlboro IQOS is a kind of stick that is used for real tobacco heating. It is also called a heat stick.

Tobacco is burned with a traditional cigarette, with IQOS it is heated.

For the classic smoker there are more and more alternatives to the cigarette. That is of course a good development! Until a few years ago there were no alternatives to the classic cigarette, you now have plenty of choice. Whatever you choose, you must first be properly informed by a specialist in the field of these products. These can provide you with good advice.

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