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ALD Amaze Mango Kit is a top Juul alternative

The ALD Amaze Mango Kit is a top Juul alternative and a well-thought-out POD system, an ergonomic device for a wide range of vapers. A miniature and almost weightless electronic, which is convenient to take everywhere with you.

The built-in battery capacity is enough for daily vaping. You can charge it via micro USB. The tank holds up to 2 ml of liquid, has a convenient filling system.

The best specialists have worked on the design of this top Juul alternative – the model has smooth streamlined shapes and looks stylish. Combined housing made of aluminum and plastic. Currently available in three colors – black, gray and green.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and slim body, the Mango ALD Amaze top Juul alternative fits comfortably in your hand.

Over the past two years, global manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have made so many different PODs that you can easily get confused in their models, but for the most part they all look like twin brothers. Rare units depart from the shape of a small “thermometer”, which immediately stand out against the general background. Ald Amaze’s MANGO electronic vapor system is one of those exceptions.

The MANGO top Juul alternative system is sold in a stylish white package, on the dust jacket of which you can see the image of the evaporator and its name, and on the reverse side, you can read the main characteristics, warnings, the description of the delivery set, see the color mark of the battery pack and recount the certificate badges. A separate bright orange element stands out the name of the company Ald Amaze in the side cutout, it also helps to open the box without unnecessary difficulties.

Out of the box along with the cartridge comes a small rubber plug that closes all three openings through which air passes: the first for an external intake, the second for supplying air to the heating element, and the third in the mouthpiece. With the help of such a simple thing, you can make a refilled cartridge leakproof and not be afraid of accidental leakage of fluid in your pocket.